Allu cs go nip

allu cs go nip

Really nice work here from allu, I hope to see some awping like this at katowice! Song: Hellberg & Deutgen vs. Allu with the biggest bait, saying he's not part of NiP in but what he .. in game (edit-- for NiP so people don't think I mean all of CSGO). NiP allu: "This guy used to be worst aimer in NiP ". Zorkz . allu new favourite CS: GO awper? SoLiD. allu cs go nip

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Maybe if this departure of Allu happened earlier, NiP might or should have gotten Dennis because I'm beginning to believe that NiP doesn't really need an awper in their team. However I have some experience in high level gaming was playing for premier league teams, not in CS tho, but in another teambased FPS game. Getting Maikelele then replacing him with Allu has changed their gamestyle and it hasn't produced the results they wanted. A3 3 - 4th. Apparently the team thought differently: Anyway ye, im just speculating just like everyone else on this site: Got the impression from his tweet that he leaved, but he might as well have been kicked.

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He is decent and only decent at fragging if you think he is IGL. Binary Dragons Cup 7 LOG. Binary Dragons Cup 7 VITALIS. Well what if some talented player goes to land and his teammates are pure garbage and they dont even make it thru to groups? The likes of seized, edward and flamie and even zeus, they don't always fail. Lots and lots of possible reasons for roster changes but i dont think for one second that he wasnt liked in the team. He would never join them unless it was also with rain probably and only if he knew fnatic could not happen. Also, with jkaem and f0rest already in the team, u would not really need another awper. I hope he establishes some serious finnish team with aslak. DreamHack Masters Malmö North America Closed Qualifier Liquid. ESL Pro League Season 3 EU Division. FaZe [Nuke] - Swi Were you nervous while going through the try out phase? From Liquipedia Counter-Strike Wiki.

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